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Fwd: Re: Re: Urg & Imp 

It’s 10 am, time for our weekly staff meeting, 

hot coffees and minds scrambling. 

As one mouth speaks, another yawns, 

if Stupid was a place on Earth, this office would belong.

Important briefs and urgent deadlines, 

I think to myself, is it too early to pour the wine. 

“Can we send this today, the client really wants it,” 

Sure, I’ll send a mail full of warm regards and best wishes 

that mean just the opposite. 

Brainstorms that are all storm and no brain, 

pray, please rescue me from my sorry fate. 

What did I do to deserve this cruel assassination, 

by a brutal boardroom discussion. 

God must have been on a limited budget 

when he distributed sense, 

no returns on these dud investments. 

If this call goes on any longer, I might contract Stockholm Syndrome, 

Oh how I wish, I could just click ‘Skip intro’.

My Cat’s Love Letter to Me 

I am a cat of many names, 

but I will respond to none of them, 

I will exercise at 3 am. 

I will only eat wet food, 

and sleep in the cardboard box, 

instead of that expensive cat bed. 

From time to time, I will shove 

precious things off the shelf. 

How else will you learn the art 

of minimalism and letting go? 

I will refuse to do anything you tell me, 

maybe that’ll teach you to say no to client briefs.

In case you haven’t noticed, 

I do have feelings for you. 

They are love, disgust and pity.

Ishita Desai is a cat-loving copywriter who’s been working in Advertising for the past decade. Now, she just wants to be a writer. Her previous work has been published in the magazine and book, Written Tales: Chapbook II, Remembrance.

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