Contents: Issue 13/ March 2024


Short fiction

New Wife by Premchand (tr. Meenakshi Jauhari)
Thayamma by Bharath Kumar


Three Poems by Shahzeb Athar
Nightly Downpour by Sugathakumari (tr. Mereena Eappen)
Four Poems by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena (tr. Shubham Mamgain)
Three Poems by Kamran Bashir
Two Poems by Marva M.
Ivy by Addhaya Anil
Our Cities by Tasneem Khan
howls by Siva Wright
Two Poems by Areeb Ahmad
If I’d Given Birth by Juilee
After You by Abhinav
Her by Arisia


Liminal Subversions: Karan Madhok’s Poetics of Decay by Paromita Patranobish
Death, Life, Breath, Stench: Poems of Tamal Sekhar Dey by Tathagata Biswas
Two Voices of Dissent from Gujarati Dalit Poetry by Heer Nimavat
Artist’s Statement: On the Cover Art by Aradhana Rani

Photo story

Amma: Against All Odds by Rhea Saini