Contents: Issue 10/ June 2023


Short fiction

The Leftovers by Arun Iyer
Blind Spot by Sarveswari Saikrishna
Borobil by Nalini Bera (tr. Shritama Bose)


Walking, Woman by Ananya Dutta Gupta
my mother’s dreams by Anannya Nath
prayers unanswered by Saras Jaiswal
upon chancing myself at a wedding with a broken heart by Hanzala Mojibi
Two Poems by Fadrian Bartley
Three Poems by Suryashekhar Biswas
Another about Death by Bhaskar Chakraborty (tr. Asijit Datta)
Two Poems by Urooj
the four legged spider by Siva Wright
On Praying by Sangeetha Bhaskaran
Tonight, I will Write for Charulata by Sanhati Banerjee