Contents: Issue 07 & 08/ December 2022


Short fiction

Bajooka– The Scarecrow by Surendra Prakash (tr. Meenakshi Jauhari)
Steamed Sweet Dumplings and Paatumma’s Cow [Hatye] by Fakir Muhammad Katpadi (tr. Bhumika R)
Daraaj Khan by Ayesha Khan
With the Boys by Abhishek Basak
The Tree with Eyes by Bela Negi


Two Poems by Sophia Naz
We Wish You Luck in Placing Your Work Elsewhere by Bharti Bansal
Knots by Tabassum Hasnat
Mildly Anthropomorphic by Asijit Datta
Three Poems by Devneet (tr. Hunardeep Kaur)
The Visitor by Shivshankar Menon
Two Poems by Nilanjana Bhattacharjee
Two Poems by Carol D’Souza
A Mosquito and a House Full of Poets by Sri Rohith Rajam
Two Poems by Ishita Desai
Three Poems by Thanisha Santhosh
Three Poems by Appu Ajith
“The Doctor Will See You (Again, Someday)” by Hemangi Chakravarty
For the Kingdom of Maveli to Come by Narendran
Tickled Eyes by Sneha Bhura


Literary Lessons with Nazim Hikmet by Abhimanyu Acharya
Artist’s Statement: On the Cover Art by Smish Designs