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Four big splotches of lavender 

Stain into pools on my pillow 

Mother scoffs at camomile mint 

A friend says candle on stick--

Jungle pine on distressed carved wood 

Sliding into a child's pose is easy 

Better still are dreams of trumpet,

Screaming sunflowers and bonsai trees 

Meditation nidra might do the trick 

As I ease into a nagchampa mist 

Tranquilizer from Valeria 

A cocktail of magnesia 

Over blue filter is superior 

Avoid books that bark and bite 

Poems that bamboozle the mind 

Mother calling after nine 

Marry Marry Marry 

Give me a hunk of foam 

That is pillars, curly-cued and olding 

Where I can read about animals 

Who fit into luggages 

From a hippo to a chimp to a bush baby 

And before I can say menagerie 

I softly fall asleep

Sneha Bhura is a Delhi-based journalist. Her first chapbook, Velvet Grapes: Drunk Midnight Poetry (Hawakal Publishers), was out in January 2021. Her most recent poems have been published in the Madras Courier, The Punch Magazine, The Chakkar and Plato’s Caves Online.

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