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The Lord said, 

“Jeremiah, if you get tired 

racing against people 

how can you race against horses? 

If you can’t even stand up in 

open country, 

how will you manage in the 

jungle by the Jordan” (Jer.12.5)


The cavewoman grunts in her dreams, 

and strokes her left breast lightly; 

her eyes open at the sound of a whimper. 

The troglodyte stealthily grabs a club, 

and sets out, 

racing against the rooster, 

before it crows three times.

Nithya Mariam John is a tutor, translator and scribbler from Kerala. Her poems have been housed in journals and magazines including Muse India, Journal of Indian Literature, SETU and Borderless. Her random scribblings were bound into three short collections, Poetry Soup, Ruminations & Reflections and Bleats and Roars. She is a lazy scribbler on her blog Mizhi (nmjs.in), and loves to receive emails.

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