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Not much remains in Syria Palaestina 

Red mud, rifles and blood 

Three young boys 

climb limestone rocks 

Salimat Yadakum, the lifeline 

on their fair hands seems 

shorter than in other palms 

The night sky over the river is black— 

chary, playful shrieks 

as a foot slips on the rocks, 

mud trickling in 

its wake 

A pregnant hush. Rifles click. 

They start. 

Gaza watches the children play hide 

and seek.

Three Palestinian Boys, Marwan Kassab-Bachi, Oil on canvas, 1970 (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Vasudha Rungta is a Mumbai based writer, film director and creative producer. She enjoys writing fiction, poetry, and scripts. She has been published in Usawa Literary Review and currentMood magazine. She is the founder of ‘Melting Clock’, a film production house and has worked in advertising for more than fifteen years.

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