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And all these knots
nibbling narrowing unkemptly
nestled inside your chest

perforating your flesh
hounding it until the only
way to breathe was to expand

as if it were the four walls
of one wretched household

perpetually poised
eternally equipped

whilst cushioning the curses
thrown across the dinner table

soaking up the silences
stretching out at the crack
of dawn

yet look how you always
seemed to know which
skein of thread to pull
with one minuscule
manoeuvre of your

at once untying each
of my heart's knots

as if it were your much beloved
mundane household chore

of primly folding your freshly
laundered bedsheets on one
shiftless Sunday morning

Tabassum Hasnat is a Bangladeshi freelance writer of shortform fictitious genres. She has her own personal blog on Storymirror Pvt Ltd. She has co-authored multiple anthologies and book compilations where her stories, prose and poetry have been published on international platforms like Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Notion press. She has previously worked as an intern for the creative department of Moshal Mental Health. Currently, she is working as the Head of Content and Creative for an Arts organization named Esscre, and as a middle and high school teaching professional.

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