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Do you remember 

that night, when I called 

you out of the blue, to 

tell you about a fact that 

I had recently read about 

in a textbook? You were 

never one for my academic 

excitement, and the amazing 

fact that I wanted you 

to know got lost somewhere 

between deflated spirits and 

unenthusiastic grunts. I never 

ended up telling you about it, 

and it is ironical that the 

fact has never been communicated 

outside of me ever since. 

Many other words have lost 

their way coming out of my 

speech system. Ironical 

because some languages use 

inanimate pronouns for babies 

until they learn how to speak. 

As if the only way to become 

human is to learn how to 

express and understand expression. 

Ironical, because I ceased being 

human the day you didn’t listen, 

you ceased being human the day I didn’t talk. 

I have been looking for

an inanimate first person pronoun 

to use for myself, because I feel 

the burden of ‘I’ too heavy to carry.

Smriti Choudhary is a poet who looks for decadence in the most beautiful things. Currently, she is a student of Linguistics at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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