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Look, I am well aware of the consequences if the bowls aren’t full.

I am taking into careful consideration the biology of age, the economy, the smoking. In my kitchen, she sits quietly blinking.

If I call from my room, there may be an answer but I don’t disturb her. I’m a big believer of the independence of bodies

Linked only by proximity, physical or otherwise.

I’m all scratched out and wound-licked. She’s all but a blob of darkness, a little flesh and bones smaller than mine. I always forgive her.

I sometimes hold her until she runs. I’ve learnt that sometimes touch, unwelcome, may be appreciated. She’s fundamentally animal.

My twenty five years to her one and a half have come and gone. I feed and bathe and love.

Look, I think if I’d given birth, she’d become a person.

I am taking into careful consideration my future. I hope she will eat my loneliness before my heart 

gives out.

Juilee is a Bangalore-based Mumbai girl working as a content writer. Her work has previously been published in Nether Quarterly and the Ayaskala magazine.

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