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“Give me a house tour,” says a friend through the screen

(we are supposed to be working)

It’s 6:00 AM during what is, technically,

The last finals week of our degrees.

We’d only been home for two months, then.

My laptop is a clunky, heavy thing.

But I’m supposed to be working – 

So I heft it up.

Here is our dining table. Here is our prayer room – 

(“that’s a fucking temple,” says my screen)

Here is our living room – say hi, Amma – 

Here is our - (“is this a media lounge?”)

Yeah. Basically.

It goes on and on.

He says, “This is thrice the size of my house.” 

(he lives in Mumbai)

But he’s right – the house is absurdly huge – 

The possibility of staying in it through the summer

makes my stomach twist.

Outside, the rain starts anew.

“Can you hear that?” I say into my mic, and

He has me pick the laptop up again and carry it to the window.

Show me! Take me! 

He can’t see a thing, but we pretend anyway.

Sahana Hegde is a graduate of Ashoka University, where she majored in psychology and minored in creative writing. She lives in Bangalore, India, where she is currently a Research, Education, and Training Associate at BrainSightAI. She has previously written reviews of novels and short story collections at Scroll.in. 

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