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Has it happened to you?

That you’re walking down a garden path,

Bougainvillea, yellow trumpets, periwinkles

Seeking your attention,

A frog hops past but you’re not startled,

A butterfly flutters but you just smile,

A stone slips into your shoe but you walk nonetheless.

And then all of a sudden in that garden path,

In the bright sunlight of a beautiful day,

You run out of all the cheerfulness

That got you so far.

You want to take a breath and walk again

But it seems unnecessary;

You want to go back down the path

And pretend it’s alright (when it’s not);

You want to pause for a little while

But a bench seems too far to sit on.

Has it happened to you?

That at that moment nothing makes sense,

Except letting that feeling

Walk ahead of you in the garden path.

Gayatri Hingorani does the corporate grind by day and is an aspiring poet in the time that remains.

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