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Translated from the Bengali by Monosija Banerjee

Today at least don’t glance back at your watch

Shred your problems away into the air

Worries don’t suit you. Look how the sky’s red

Today at least don’t take the crowded metro

Let’s ride the tram, to the rhythm of wheels churning,

We will breathe in the smell of Red Road

Today at least undo your hair,

Let passers-by to your left and right

Swoon before those careless tresses,

I want to make a vow to white lies

Today at least let us cross the road holding hands

I’d be ready to dive into panipuris

at your slightest invitation,

Pull my ears and say— ‘how obedient of you—’

Today at least don’t say that there are no stories left to be told

Some fairytales might haven’t begun yet...

There, an empty chair. Come, sit

At least let me recite a few 

of my latest pieces to you

We might spend the rest of our lives in vexation

Still, today at least,

Take peace from me.

Srijato Bandopadhyay is a poet, writer and lyricist from West Bengal. He won the Ananda Puroskar in 2004 for his book Udanta Sawb Joker: All Those Flying Jokers.

Monosija Banerjee is an aspiring poet from Kolkata. She is a post-graduate in English from Calcutta University. She was longlisted for the Great Indian Poetry Contest, conducted by On Fire Movement in 2017. Her work has appeared in the anthology A Letter A Poem A Home, curated by Airplane Poetry Movement in 2020.

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