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And on some nights

I speak 

in memoriam                                         of the passing of time 

collecting, like standing water 

in the back of my mind  

as though   

in remembrance

of a life that holds no tricks, no parades in sight


continuing                                                   in silence 

unmoving like a figure sleeping 

bead of sweat trickling 


               the back of her leg

in quiet desperation

dreaming of foreign routes                to new faces 

like calculated surprises                ending in sickening sweetness 

or rusting familiarity 

in detached reflections

glimpsed upon 

in the dusty window of a stranger’s car 

wanting to exchange conversation           for a sympathetic nod 

and then setting           free 

                                                                   in moments

of                          finality 

a wave of change 

how light can the water feel 

just when I am convinced 

that there is no sea for me 

I see a crack                //                an opening 

and I dive to where the light           cannot reach.

Sasha Mahuli is based out of New Delhi. She studied English at St. Xavier's College in Mumbai and pursued a Liberal Studies diploma at Ashoka University thereafter. At the moment, for Sasha, each day is an attempt to write, to articulate the whims of the city, the years, and the seasons passing us by.

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