Contents: Issue 03/ September 2021


Short fiction

Nuri by Debashree Majumdar
Obsession by Gankhu Sumnyan
King of the Jinn by Kazi Nazrul Islam (tr. Ankan Kazi)
The Bearkeeper by Tanvi Srivastava


Two Poems
by Tathagata Bhowmik
Even After the Rains by Suchi Govindarajan
Samosas by Abhishek Anicca
Retreat by Nithya Mariam John
Three Poems by Sophia Naz
Splinters of Childhood by Etti Kotnala
Inanimate Pronouns by Smriti Choudhary
The Tragedy of the To Be Censored Letter by Paash (tr. Hunardeep Kaur)
Three Poems by Aditya Vikram
Two Poems by Meenakshi Nair
The Barter of the Red Mukaish Saree by Yashika Singh
There is No Sea for Me by Sasha Mahuli
Umbrella by Ankur Surin
An Essay on the Deception Gang Popularly Known as a Variant of ‘Bisexual Bovine’ Or The Deceptiad by Iskander Popaya
Veiled Rebecca by Athira Unni


Of Love and Feast by Jahnabi Mitra

Photo story

A Parcel of Land by Pratyush Paul
Non-Contagious Visitors of the Park in Dehra by Manya Singh and Sweksha Gupta