Contents: Issue 05/ March 2022


Short fiction

Lokhinder Goes Out by Shritama Bose
Birthday Wishes by Satvik Gupta
Sorcerer by Gowri N Kishore
The Boys of Rome by Lede E Miki Pohshna


Eulogy by Hiya Chowdhury
Shoe by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena (tr. Ipshita Sengupta)
Two Poems by Aritrika Chowdhury
To Leave a Home by Ila Ananya
The End by Tushar Rishi
Two Poems by Sohini Dey
A Fully Functional Feminist by Arti Jain
Three Poems by Samin Sayeda
Extra Work by Tripti Aggarwal
Aukaat/ Place by Naresh Saxena (tr. Kartikay Agarwal)


Funeral Chai by Garima Mishra
Alain Badiou And Question Of Politics: How An Alternative/Communist Politics Is Thinkable Today by Tathagata Biswas
Artist’s Statement: On the Cover Art by Anupam Roy